Thinking of candy bands and tortillaphones has made me hungry.

As far as the catering is concerned for Scratch in Control, I’m planning on serving wraps and puff-pastry parcels, along with a few other savoury nibbles and salad to garnish. We’ll make sure there’s a vegetarian option available (not just a few hunks of bread and cheese with a lettuce leaf – more likely a vegetable korma wrap). If there’s a sudden surge in demand for tickets, we’ll also supply clebichek (Czech open sandwiches) and pizza.

Obviously, I don’t expect someone to be looking at this and saying, “Wow, curry in a wrap, I must get my free ticket now!” But the catering for any event, no matter how big or small shouldn’t be an afterthought.

And remember, if you can’t make it; but would like copies of our resources. Why not offer to pay for our lunch via our Indiegogo campaign…